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Hill over Cuzco
Grazing sheep
Sheep with a view
Peruvian potatoes, corn and beans
Beans and corn
Blessing of the house
Preparing for our first despacho
View of Cuzco
More stonework at Sacsayhuamán
El Cristo
Child on Rodadero hill
Inca throne near water channels
Photo opportunity
The sacred valley
Sacred site over Pisac
View overlooking Pisac
Sacred rock
Downtown in Pisac
Moon sliver
Mountains in the morning
Mamacocha Veronica
View on way to Urubamba
Veronica again
Sun, snow and clouds over the mountain
Early morning vista
Camp sites on Inka trail
Rare round structure
One of the seven wonders of the world
What a site!
Looking down toward Aguas Calientes
Three windows
Such detailed stonework
Inside of Gran Caverna
Window with meteorite rock
Ruins overlooking Gran Caverna
Official proof
Road to Machu Picchu
Top of Waynapicchu
Train arriving in Aguas Calientes
Dog in train tracks
Side view of Wiracocha
House in Ollantaytambo
Street sign in stone work
Stone entry to house
Hen in front of house
Statue in Ollantaytambo
Local costime