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Our Joy Travel group
Mayan stonework at the National Museum
Blue Morpho Butterfly
Statue of the Black Madonna
Bev and Janine
Leafcutter ants at work in the forest
Petroglyph 2
Archeological grave sites
Watch out for the ants crossing the path
Centipede or milipede???
Petroglyph 1
View from El Chirippo lodge
Rope tow from the back of the boat
Old boat on the river
Ancient stone spheres of Costa Rica
Where the sand crabs live
Beach treasures
Prehistoric flying creature????
My mom enjoying the view from our casita
An amazing place to meditate
Archeological ruins
Bridge #2 on trail to beach
Bridge #1 on trail to beach
Mom and me
Plenty of driftwood
Resting at El Chirippo