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Naturally Connected

Thanks Sara B. for the info. I appreciate learning more about the spider.

Sarah B

Hi! I know this is a much older post, but I thought I'd let you know what you have is one of mother nature's most dedicated moms. Because I can't see the actual spider due to the "cocoon," I can't tell you a species, but this is a Funnel Web spider of the family Agelenidae, possibly genus Agelenopsis. They are of no relation to the Australian Funnel Web spider, and aren't dangerously venomous to humans (unless you happened to be allergic to their venom) and rarely bite, even when provoked. Funnel web spiders, sometimes known as grass spiders, do build a kind of 'cocoon' or funnel, which they hide in until prey wanders into the web, and in which to lay their eggs, and they do not leave until the egg sacs have hatched and the baby spiders have all dispersed. They will wait, not eating, not venturing out for water, and often die guarding those babies. Check out a little more at

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I went out on my patio to watch what emerged. Within a relatively short period of time the mother came out and quicky went to explore the outside area around the window.

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