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cool friend is going to peru.he will spaz

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The banana is a fruit of tropical origin most consumed in the world, contains a high energy value and may consist of vitamins B and C, as minerals, including iron, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, also referred to as a banana or plantain widely consumed fruit worldwide.


Thanks for the info!Hey, I needed it... i'm doing a habitat project and i need as much as i CAN! i need habitat,behavrial characteristics,PHYSYCAL characterisitics and other info so GIMMIE ALL YA GOT! ( besides it yellow and shaped like an old,slimy banana*)


thank you for backing me up whoever you are!ANYWAY!I heard that if you lick a slug your tongue will go numb and puff up! do u think that's true?


guys im sorry and i fell bad about thet commet i just think haley is right POEPLE NEED MORE INFORMATION FROM HALEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nobody ever answerd my commet what am i am i dum

just telling poeple i dont have anger issue problemms and i live in cananda i can track you down just kidding you know what i have freinds and they are cool

now sombody better answer my commet

im just kidding about alll that im a realy nice person from the inside and i love nature so i live banana slugs and every other living thing on it


peple need MORE information !

from 30year old haley


banana slugs are cool dudeet im like 30 and i want to lick 1 wut shell i do?

Shinan Barclay

What a great, rich blog. I stopped by for banana slugs[my co-habitants here in the Oregon Coast rainforest] and came away with connection, inspiration and awe.
I'm compiling an anthology "Rainmakers Prayers, Align with Global Harmony," lots in common here. thanks!


Nice slug! Found you on COS!

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