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Wendy Geise's professional experience comes from the recruiting and professional services industries. In the early days she worked for a company that focused on building relationships and connecting people in their personal lives. Transitioning these skills to the staffing industry, she connected people with managers hiring for jobs in the biotechnology and computer technology industries. Over the past 15 years she has done program management, led project teams and has been an online product manager. She has developed national best practices and training programs to support these new initiatives.

Working with cross cultural teams to align on global strategies, she understands the importance of soliciting input and feedback from all, building consensus, and allowing flexibility for localized implementation of common objectives. She uses a combination of research analysis and personal intuition to solve problems.

Wendy believes strongly in the need to think holistically about the factors impacting the Earth’s overall health and well-being. This requires having a broad understanding of all the interconnected factors related to our environment and ecosystem. Since 2005, she has completed two graduate degrees. The first masters, in Environmental Security and Peace from the United Nations mandated University for Peace, provided a solid scientific foundation for understanding the role of humans in the current state of the global environment. The second masters; in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness with an emphasis in Integral Ecology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, was more solution focused by looking at ways to re-imagine the human species as a mutually enhancing member of the Earth community. In the past year, the company she works for has decided to take more proactive steps to be more environmentally friendly and aware. She is excited to participate on the global cross-departmental team working towards these objectives.

She is also extremely interested in individual health and well-being. She has vegetarian/vegan for over 10 years and is a great resource for green/superfood smoothie recipes. In July 2012, she did her first raw food cleanse and has been very motivated to continue with the benefits received from a highly raw food lifestyle since then. She buys local organic products whenever possible. She is also training to embark on the 500 mile Camino de Santiago walk in Spain in 2013.

In 2003, Wendy attended the one month eco-village training program at Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland. As part of this program, she was introduced to permaculture principles and it has been an interest for her ever since. She is currently enrolled in a Permaculture Design Certification course that will be complete in 2/2013.

Currently, Wendy has 2 blog sites:

The Naturally Connected site includes ideas, experiences and information to ignite a greater connection with nature by taking steps to live more sustainably for the greater good of our planet earth. It combines Wendy's ecological interests with her professional experience connecting people around the world.

The idea for the My Pura Vida site came from the web applications team that Wendy has worked closely with over the past few years. It was their gift to encourage sharing the experience of taking a leave of absence from work to go live in Costa Rica for a year while working on her first masters degree. This site has evolved to include information the expansion of human consciousness and the responsibility of global citizenship. It encourages readers to explore how we are all One.